When the Family Comes First...

Supplemental Sensors

We take pride in providing the absolute best quality components in each of our alarms. That is why EVERY one of our alarms come with Rate-of-Rise and Fixed Temperature Sensors.

What does Rate-of-Rise mean?

If the temperature is rising too fast, the alarm knows there is a fire and will sound giving you plenty of time to escape.

Wireless Interconnection

The Wireless Technology designed exclusively for Crossfire Alarms allows easy interconnection using state-of-the-art radio frequency. This allows the unique ability to wirelessly interconnect alarms in places that would typically not be able to provide early warning detection.

Event Positioning System

The Event Positioning System allows you to pinpoint the origin of a fire. If you had a fire in a bedroom, your Crossfire Smoke Alarm would sound...and wirelessly trigger all other Crossfire Alarms in your home . When they all go off, simply press the silence button on the alarm closest to you and all alarms with the exception of the initiating alarm will silence.